Wie werden die Karten in die Ladekassette eingelegt?

Quantum printers admit cards with a thickness of 0.76 mm.

  1. Open card feeder #1 door. A label inside it allows identification.
  2. Insert the cards by the packet in the feeder. Perform the operation as often as you like to obtain the required number of cards (feeder #1 capacity: 500 maximum in 0.76 mm).
  3. Make sure that the printable side is on the top of the cards.
  4. Make sure that the pile of cards is correctly lined up with the edge of the feeder.
  5. Take weight #1 delivered with your printer and place it on the top of the cards. There is a label on the weight for identification.
  6. Close the door to feeder #1.
  7. If necessary, open the door to card feeder #2 and insert extra cards by repeating the above operations. Weight #2 identified with a label should be placed on the top of the cards.
  8. When all of the cards have been inserted, make sure the doors to feeders #1 and #2 are completely closed.