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Evolis – mehr als nur ein einfacher Kartendrucker

Umfassende Lösungen zur Identifizierung sowie zur individuellen Gestaltung von Ausweisen und Plastikkarten:




  • Meet Evolis at SmartCard Conference in Opatija, Croatia

    Sep24 - 262018

    Meet us on booth 24 to discover Evolis' Privelio XT and assist to the conference of Mirjana Boersma on how to transform your customer experience with instant card issuance on September 24, at 3pm.

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  • Coffee Shop Innovation, London, UK

    Sep25 - 262018

    Evolis will showcase EDIKIO, the range of all-in-one fresh food labelling solutions. They enable to create efficient, economical and attractive price tags. Meet us booth # 1140!

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  • Seamless Philippines, Manila

    Sep26 - 272018

    Meet your Evolis team on booth F13 and discover how can Evolis help you with a solution for your payment and identification needs!

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